Cancer Search

Millions of people search through the ever-growing list of clinical trials every day in hopes of finding a new treatment or procedure that can help themselves or their loved one impacted by cancer. CancerSearch is a clinical trial search engine tool geared towards patients that allows you to browse thousands of trials in order to find the one that’s best fit for you. We help support patients on their personalized treatment journeys by providing insight into relevant treatment options that can be conveniently shared with medical professionals.

CancerSearch was developed with the patient in mind, providing a straightforward search engine approach to trial information. Easily identify recruiting trials by typing in your diagnosis, location, and any relevant biomarkers to yield applicable results. We’ll keep you updated on the latest trial information, making sure you never miss a new treatment opportunity. We know how challenging it can be to find a trial that fits your eligibility, and CancerSearch is designed to streamline that process.

With CancerSearch, patients have the ability to take a proactive part in their treatment plan.


GenomOncology provides the healthcare community with technology and knowledge to drive actionable insights that improve cancer care. We focus on transforming valuable, but unusable data, into actionable oncology treatment options and strategic insights to drive measurable results. By combining both proprietary content and public and licensed data sets with your internal patient data, GenomOncology’s solutions provide you with the information necessary to optimize patient care and improve patient outcomes.

Cancer Search is a free service created and powered by GenomOncology's Precision Oncology Platform. The GenomOncology API Suite can be licensed for inclusion in your precision oncology projects or products. GenomOncology also has decision support solutions for pathologists, molecular tumor boards, oncologists, and cancer informaticians.

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